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Events and activities in 2021. Our group is very active and there are a number of Shinto Muso-ryu seminars, demonstrations, and group trainings every year. Please see the ‘Dojo’ link for a list of locations. 

Kagami Biraki – January 16, 2021 at Shintokan Dojo led by Phil Relnick sensei – Washington state.  This year marks the 26 anniversary of the Shintokan. Like many, the pandemic limits group training. This year we had a shared, virtual Kagami Biraki hosted at Shintokan Dojo. Complete with traditional purification of the dojo, a hono embu, and a group kampai with members from around the world.

Kagami Biraki – January 9, 2021 at Shutokukan Dojo – Warren, NJ., Diane Skoss presiding. Demonstrations were held at the dojo, in a basement in Canada, and a snowy backyard in Massachusetts, as well as other locations. The hono embu were followed by a kampai and breakout room party.  

Kagami Biraki – January 10, 2021 at Shobukan Dojo – Denver, CO.